Access to the pages through which customers procure products and services on the website owned by GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A., is made in a secure environment with 128-bit encryption. Customers can verify that it is a secure environment by looking for a closed padlock displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

Customers also have a security system consisting of a user identification code, password and password operation. These security keys are strictly personal and not transferable.

GVC Gaesco has the most secure and technologically advanced systems to ensure our customers and users' identity, as well as the confidentiality of their data, in each of their transactions.

Other technical / legal notices

  • Intellectual property

    This website and all of its contents are protected worldwide by laws protecting intellectual property. All rights arising from such protection, in particular the rights of use, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication or transformation assignment are reserved.

    GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A. reserves the right to take legal actions against Customers and Users who violate or infringe the intellectual property rights.

  • Legal Terms and Conditions

    Access to the website implies acceptance and knowledge of the legal warnings, conditions and terms of use contained herein.

Rights of intellectual property

The Intellectual rights on the content of the website or other electronic means, graphic design and code pages are owned by GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A. and/or third party suppliers of information and/or content provided by GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A. based on existing agreements with them. Therefore all reproduction, distribution or public communication is prohibited. In addition, all trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs of any kind of content on web pages or any electronic means of GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A., are protected by law.


Customers' personal data are stored in a database for which GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A. is responsible and whose treatment is in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data.

Our security guarantee

  • Data Encryption

    To access the registered user area, customers must identify themselves with a username and password; they are thereafter in a secure environment. Within this environment our priority is to offer our services safely; at all private information is transmitted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to ensure that all information sent by the customer or user is only readable by by encrypting information using 128-bit encryption, the highest on the market at this time.

  • VERISIGN certification server has been verified by VERISIGN, the global leader in online security, so that our customers and users have the following guarantees:

    • That the connected server really belongs to GVC Gaesco Holding SA
    • That the data stored on the server is protected with the latest encryption technology
    • That any transmission of data from the server is done with a 128-bit encryption
  • Security

    To operate through our Customers and Users must request an access code which they will use to log into the web. If any mistake is made in access, the security key is blocked after the three failed attempts. To reactivate the key, the Customer or User must contact the GVC Gaesco Customer Service by calling 93 366 27 27. This key (username and password) is personal and the Customer or User is solely aware of such information and responsible for all the actions taken with it. In the event of loss or theft of such data, immediately notify the GVC Gaesco Customer Service by calling 93 366 27 27.

    Another security device is triggered when the web is disconnected. From the time a customer or user is identified in the web, the system monitors the time between consultations. If this time exceeds 30 minutes, the system disconnects and the customer will have to log in again. This avoids anyone connecting if the Customer or User leaves the terminal open.

  • Safety tips

    We recommend that when customers or users end their session, they should use the "Log Out" button at the top of the page on the right. This will prevent anyone using their username and password on subsequent visits from your computer.

  • General Tips

    Finally we give several tips to keep in mind while browsing the internet:

    • Browsers can save usernames and passwords in their memory, leaving them available to anyone accessing your computer. We recommend that you turn off this facility.
    • Caution in downloading information from sources that are NOT reputable.
    • Install anti-virus software and keep it updated.

Third Party Information

GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A. accepts no liability for any loss or damage suffered by the customer as a result of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided from external sources or GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A. proprietary information based on external sources.


Visitors, Customers or Users access and browse the website and use its contents under their own responsibility. Users may not select user names based on words that are rude or abusive, contrary to law or morality. GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A. reserves the right to prevent or prohibit access to any customer entering content contrary to legal norms.

GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A. is not responsible for verifying the authenticity of the user and confirming that each user is who they claim to be.

GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A. prohibits its Customers and Users from disclosing or sharing their password with another user.

GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A. is not responsible for any damage that may result from the malfunctioning of the internet access, system malfuncting, failures and disruptions of markets or communication between the different agents of the web processes.

GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A. is not responsible for the contents of web pages that can be accessed through links and hereby states that the presence of such links is solely for the purpose of information and in no way a suggestion, invitation or recommendation.

GVC Gaesco Valores, S.V., S.A. is the mere executor of the orders it receives from its customers, the latter being solely responsible for all orders that involve possible risk and legal or financial consequences.