Portfolio Management

The aim of the GVC Gaesco’s Portfolio Management Service is to manage the Client financial assets. To do this, it is necessary to open a different account.

The client delegates the Portfolio Management to GVC Gaesco, who will invest into the markets according to the client profile in such a way:

  • Customized. Depending on the customer risk profile.
  • Consistent. Alignment with the goals of profitability in the medium and long term, ensuring protection and wealth preservation.
  • Diversified. Capital distribution among different institutions, markets and asset classes.
  • Active. Anticipation and reaction to different market situations with consistency.
  • Professional. Professionals with experience and proven performance to manage the Investments.
  • Confidential. The information is treated with the utmost discretion and care.

We manage all sizes of portfolios, because we all want to protect and make your savings profitable.


The client delegates the Portfolio Management to GVC Gaesco to obtain:

  • Profitability. To find the most appropriate Risk/Return binomial according to the client Risk Profile.
  • Tranquility. Market risks are managed and monitored by the Management Team.
  • Vision. The expected return is analyzed through statistics.
  • Availability. Daily liquidity.
  • Information. Different king of Reporting: Invested assets, performance, movements, fees and commissions, etc.


We have different investment models in order to adapt to your investment profile. Find the one that best fits your preferences.